Perimeter insulation

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Vertical walls and thermal bridges


Insulating frame and pillar fronts avoid heat loss and condensation

XPS CW is the main product to be used for insulating facades. The insulation is fitted directly onto the outside face of the inner wall. The cavity should be on the exterior side of the insulation. The minimal absorption of water, the high insulating capability and the tongue and groove finish of the product make it ideal for this application.

The fronts of the frame and pillars are weak thermal points on a building and the risk of condensation is raised considerably. The ideal product for this use is XPS CB. The sheets are cut in bands to the width of the pillar or the edge of the framework, and fitted covering all the exterior faces. The insulation can be fitted directly before concreting over the pillar or frame and acts as a lost formwork.

Insulation can be fixed by using poliurethane based adhesive or fixings as on the drawing (fig.1)

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