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Pitched roof (I)

XPS TR is made with narrow channels enabling cement to be applied for fixing tiles

These may be roofs in which the insulation goes directly below the tiles, which themselves are fixed with mortar or studded with nails.

Where the insulation is to be used with roofs that are finished with mortared tiles, the tiles will be ceramic or concrete and installed on a sloping frame between 16° and 45° depending on the type of tile. The product to be used is the XPS TR, which has small channels enabling the tiles to be correctly laid with mortar.

Insulation can be fixed by using poliurethane based adhesive or fixings as on the drawing (fig.1)

Pitched roof (II)

There is a ventilated chamber of air between the tile and the insulation which avoids condensation and overheating

Where insulation is used under roofs that are studded with nails, the tiles are made of slate, ceramic or concrete and are fixed with nails onto a sloping frame that forms the slope of the roof with the corresponding struts. Between the roof tiles and the insulation, a ventilated air chamber avoids condensation forming in the roof tiles and helps to reduce overheating of the roof due to sun's rays. This type of roof also enables the space beneath the roof to be inhabited. The right product in this case is XPS SL.

There are other types of sloping roofs where the spacing struts are fitted between the sheets (II)*. In this case, where the insulation material does not support the tile weight, XPS CR is used.

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